You don’t need a reason to host an event. A Tuesday afternoon is perfect. However, if you are seeking the best birthday party idea in Charleston SC, look no further. Combat Archery is quickly becoming the go-to bachelor party in the surrounding Charleston TRI-County area. Everyone who is looking for something different for their events/parties and loves the adrenaline without the fear of pain from paintball, try Charleston Combat Archery.

Great for church youth groups, non-profit organizations, sport teams, fundraisers, fraternities and sororities.

We have several fields we can play on based on availability and permits, and can play at any privately owned location. WE ARE TOTALLY MOBILE! We only need the size of a tennis court to play (with space for arrows to fly). We have a gym to play in on really hot and/or rainy days or at night.

First we teach you how to shoot properly at our targets and then the competitive games start. Combat archery can be combined with our team building games to enhance the day.

Fun For Everyone

Need a convenient, EXCITING party?

Then you need some Combat Archery!

We can come to you.

It doesn’t matter if you call it archery tag, battle bows or dodge dart, combat archery will be the most fun you have ever had shooting friends, family and coworkers. We love paintball parties, however some aren’t big fans of the pain and welts. With our youth bows strung at 20-29 lb. draw weight and 22- to 28-inch draw length range coordinated 8 year old can play on the same field as adults if desired.

An Epic Adrenaline Rush

Combat Archery combines the classic game of dodgeball with the thrill of paintball. Combat Archery is an exciting and safe experience that becomes more challenging as the game goes along. This is perfect for team building activities, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, church groups, birthday parties or anger management.

What Our Customers Think

Ben-jamin did a combat archery event for our son law and daughter. We had 49 participants play. Ages 65 to 10. Everyone of them had a blast. Charleston Combat Archery is great for everyone in the group.

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This is so fun! My two teenage boys have played twice, and my husband joined them once. They played at the Citadel Mall events. It was very well run, everyone had fun! I would give it 5 stars if FB still had star ratings!

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This was a blast. My husband has been trying to talk me into playing paintball but I’ve been too afraid so I compromised and did combat archery with him and I had the best time.

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Always an amazing time playing! Fun for all ages and skill levels. Can't wait to play again soon. Maybe bring some more friends.

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Payment/Refund Policy

Payment in full is required to reserve a time slot. Deposits are 100% refundable up to 14 days prior to the event date. Within 14 days - 72 hours, a cancellation without desire to reschedule results in a 50% refund. A cancellation less than 72 hours from the event date is non-refundable

Weather Policy

We play in a light rain. If inclement weather is predicted, rescheduling the event is required unless an indoor option is available (at an agreed upon added cost to the customer). If the group majority (51%) is not local making rescheduling easy or desired, a 100% credit toward any future service by On Purpose Adventures is offered.

*On Purpose Adventures can cancel due to inclement weather. We can play in light rain. If thunder and lightning occurs just prior to or during play, there will be a 30 minute delay in play. If we cannot continue, a pro-rated refund or credit will be allotted.*